Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home, Safe and Sound

I made it home safe and sound. The last day in Sedona, we took a drive up Oak Creek Canyon, beautiful drive and then we went on a two hour hike up Cathedral Rock. I had never really hiked before and loved every minute of the two hours. We got almost to the top but then decided since we didn't have on real hiking boots we had gone far enough. We were up pretty high so I wasn't disappointed. The views were amazing and it was very calming to be there. We then went to another site that was supposed to be a vortex site (a place where energy flow from the earth). I'm not sure if my energy was re-aligned or not but I sure felt peaceful and calm after being there. My friend, Dr. T., knows that it caused her computer not to start right and messed with here cell phone enough that she had to re-start it.

After all that, we were off to Phoenix. The drive was quiet and peaceful, however, my iPhone and co-pilot about lead me astray in Phoenix and had me staying in a commercial warehouse for the night in a not so good part of town. However, they both successfully lead me back to our hotel for the night. We had a good dinner and hot tub then off to bed. I had the worst headache that made it difficult to sleep. We were convinced it was the energy that was changing things in my body.

We made it home around 3:30p on Saturday. Cowboy was sure glad to see me. He treated me like a princess. Motorcycle ride for a sundae, dinner grilled, fire place started and warm and toasty house for me to relax. Breakfast brought to me and a round of golf planned. He is so amazing to me and treats me like a queen. I love that man so much.

I had a great vacation but it was really good to be home. Now three more days and Florida, here I come.

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Monogram Queen said...

You definitely deserve some good things after all the stress at work! :)