Saturday, October 10, 2009

Semi-Productive Day

I had big plans to have a very productive day. But it didn't turn out to be very productive, only semi.

Friday night, we took the son and daughter in law to a comedy club for the son's birthday. I can't believe that Cowboy has a son that will be 33 years old. It just doesn't seem possible. We had a fun evening. As we were pulling into our driveway, we got to see three deer. One a buck. We have seen several doe and fawn's but never a buck so it was pretty exciting to see big daddy running around in our very own yard.

We slept in today. My plan was to get the whole house clean and make dinner. I got a headache and things went downhill from there. I took and nap and had a hard time getting off the couch. However, Cowboy and I were able to put up some shelves in the laundry room. That was exciting for me.

I did get a little shopping in, made dinner and got all but 2 bathrooms and the living room cleaned. So I guess the day was semi-productive. I'm still not feeling any better but I'm not feeling any worse.

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Caroline said...

After all the stress you have had the last few months, you deserve a quiet weekend where you don't do much. So you guys "slept in" today. Uh huh...:)