Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My best friend called this morning to let me know that her mother passed away today. Betty was a super woman. She was a devout Catholic that raised 5 wonderful children. I was fortunate to be close friends with her two youngest children, Sharon and Carrie.

Sharon and I met in 1984 at college and became instant friends. Over the years, Sharon's family has made me a part of their family. Betty and Bud were always kind, caring and very welcoming of me. I have many fond memories of Betty. I am very sad today.

Although she had been sick for awhile and her passing was a blessing to end her suffering, I am sad.


Lynilu said...

I'm sorry you've lost someone dear. That is never easy. I've had several friends who have lost friends or family members in recent days. it's so hard.

MJ said...

Sorry about your and your friends' loss.