Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The Cowboy and I had a jammed packed weekend that was "all about me" as the Cowboy would say. Friday night, Cowboy decided that he would walk around the neighborhood with me because he was convinced that I wanted him to so I could show him off.

One of my most absolutely favorite things about our neighborhood is that people are out in their yard and stop and talk. We visited with several neighbors and even met a really cool couple that just moved into the neighborhood. John and Ashley are newlyweds. She told me she was a social worker--I liked here even more then.

Saturday was golf day with a twist. My friend Dr. T has kissed several frogs since her divorce. However, this weekend we got to meet her potential Prince. They hit the course with us. She seemed like she was having such a great time and the Prince was awesome. Cowboy doesn't say much about people he just meets but said he "liked the shit outta him". Huge endorsement.

Sunday, we had a surprise visit from Rob and Stacey.

Stacey was my pledge daughter in college and has a been a really good friend for a long time. They are a modern day "Brady Bunch" family. She has a girl and two boys and he has as girl and two boys. They all live with them but every other weekend, the kids go to the other parents. So they got a free weekend and came to see us. We hit golf course again. Only after Cowboy surprised me and bought me a some new golf clothes. (He has a "dry fit" shirt that I love and now so do I.)
Golfing and then out eat and then home for a few beers, movie and dessert. We are all such homebodies that we had no desire to go see the fireworks. We fed them a good breakfast and they were on their way.
Cowboy got really sick Monday afternoon. Chills and spiking fever. He was on the couch the rest of the day and I went to the neighbors for dinner. This morning, I took him to the doctors and then to get his script filled. He's on his way to a full recovery.
It was a great weekend. Now I need about 30 more of them in the next two months.

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