Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am very worried about my Sadie girl. Her appetite is gone. Don't forget that my girl is extremely food focused an has eaten every breakfast at 5:30a and every dinner at 6p or her stomach gets all growly and such. Today, she didn't eat one thing until 8p.
This has been going on for a week or so. She still eats some but about half of what she used to eat. She still drinks. Poops and pees. Cowboy went to the pet store and got some "gravy" for her food. She'll eat a little better with that but still not like she used to.

I'm wondering if it is a change with her age. Maybe it's the heat. It just makes me a little worried.


Caroline said...

I hope Sadie is OK. I bet it's a combination of her getting older as well the heat. It's just too hot to eat. Has her activity level gone down?

Lynilu said...

I think all my dogs go through spells when they don't eat as well as usual. Well, except for Lolita who is insane. Anyway, it may be just a phase, or the above possibilities. Give your vet a call tomorrow, just to be sure. And give Sadie a hug from me.

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