Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finders Fee

Cowboy buys and sells for a living. He will look for car, trucks, windmills, you name it for other people and will charge a small finders fee for buying something or a small fee for selling something for someone else.

This week he found a sweet, 2006 Grand Prix, fully loaded, super clean car with 44, 000 miles for $8500 for my niece. He was teasing her about a finders fee.

Today, my sister was her along with my mom, other sister and niece. My sister tried to give Cowboy some money for finding the car. But Cowboy wouldn't take it.

He told me later he thought of the perfect thing to say only a little late. He said he should have said, "I don't want a finders fee from the Page family, because I already found the best thing about the Page family, MJ."