Sunday, October 10, 2010

Goings Ons

Life is just moving along and it seems like it's just moving faster everyday. So here's my goings ons as of late.....

1) Watched my nephew play in a golf tournament today (actually I only got to watch 9 holes). I'm so proud of him. He is an outstanding young man and has so much in store for him.

2) Call me Madam President for one more year. The Home Owner's association had their annual meeting today and I was re-elected.

3) My wonderful hubby got my hot tub up and going and I've been visiting it frequently.

4) Again the hubby shot his first deer of the season, which meant that I had lots of work to do. But we now have 8 lbs of deer jerky and 25 loaves of summer sausage. He thinks he will shoot two more.

5) The deer from last year is now safely and proudly on the wall in the mans room. It really looks like a mans room now.

6) I've hired a new team leader at work and am loving her and the fact that she is taking on so much supervisory stuff. It makes my job much easier.

7) I'm still worried about my Sadie. She is getting some really big fatty cyst and she is still falling up the stairs. Her eating is getting some better.

8) My mom is not doing well. She doesn't sound well. She doesn't look well and she's not making good decisions for herself.

9) I'm loving this fall weather. I wish it could stay like this for 6 months.

10) I've been doing several things by myself lately and getting a taste of my former independence. Although, I'm loving it, I still like doing lots with my Cowboy.

11) I designed a great necklace at the craft fair this weekend and had it made. I put a pic up soon.

12) My feet have been killing me lately (actually my right arch). It seems like I always have some part of me hurting.

13) I really need to be losing weight. I get really frustrated that no matter how hard I try, the scale doesn't like me.

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