Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Cowboy being gone at this time of year is great because it allows me time to decorate for Christmas. However, I decided that before I could decorate, the house needed to be cleaned. Heating our house with a wood stove is great because we don't have a huge gas bill but the downside is dust. I was sitting on the couch and noticed the fine layer of dust under the couches, table, entertainment center, etc. It was driving me crazy. So I cleaned under everything. I mean everything and then put a floor polish on the hardwoods.

Our house is spotless. It looks great and all "Christmas-ie". I feel like I got a ton accomplished today and Cowboy will never know how much work it took.

So the fan on the wood stove stopped working and the kitchen sink is not draining very fast. Actually, it drains at the rate of a turtle stuck in his shell. I had to break down and tell Cowboy after my awesome neighbor came over to look at it. I was hoping it would get fixed before he came home. No such luck.

Speaking of Cowboy. He called me today and told me that my folks invited him to the community supper. He went and ate and played bingo. It just cracks me up to think of him going to our small town community dinner and playing bingo with all the old country folks.

Tomorrow is craft day. That is after I sleep in forever in the morning.

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