Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Being Single

I secretly love this time of year. No not the beginning of Winter or December, but the beginning of deer season. Cowboy leaves me for several days. He's gone and I get the whole house to myself. No one complaining if I'm blogging or on Facebook. No one to pick up after or complain if I don't have the dishes done. No one to tell me what I need to do or what I should do.

I'm going to decorate for Christmas. It's so much better to do this with Cowboy being gone. He won't complain about the mess or the fuss that goes into making the house look festive.

I like my moments of singleness. I was single for 40 years give or take a few relationship in there. I like revisiting the times of being single. But don't want to go back so my little vacation is a nice break.

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moni said...

I think you have found the secret to a happy marriage. Everyone needs some time for themselves.