Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Work Irritation

I'm really irritated with work. It's getting under my skin. The issues is really about having some folks on staff that need to develop more skills in working with people. (My staff is being punitive with clients right now.) We've identified that and will develop a plan to improve that but still, it gets to me.

When something starts to bother me, I tend to get bothered by every little thing. One area that is really bugging me is the work ethic of some of my staff. They are late to work but expect to leave right on time and then complain when their work is not done. They expect to not have any problems or consequences when all of their work is not done. And then they get mad at me when I have to address the problem.

I was talking with a co-worker about this and she made a comment about the new generation of worker. Really, have we lost our work ethic. Has our society really forgotten that we can't get things for free. Have we lost the value of doing an honest days labor and settle for instant gratification and selfishness?

I hope not. I hope it's just me being annoyed.

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