Monday, November 15, 2010

Leader Angst and Great Advocacy

I seem to always end up in a leadership role. Sometimes by choice, sometimes by work and sometimes because no one else steps forward. I don't really mind most of the time. Except tonight. I came home to a message from a neighbor complaining rudely about another neighbor. So much for being president of the Home Owner Association. Can I duck this responsibility? Don't think I can ignore this one. We have the hoarders that have moved in next door. Actually the hillbilly hoarders have moved in. They fenced in their backyard for the dog but when I drove by the other day, the back yard was filled with junk. So now they put up an 8 sided chain link fence (like panels) for their dog. The back of the house is lined with 5 gallon buckets. And now there are 7 cars in the driveway with one being a big old "dollar" van. Really! Really-- just go away.

On another note, our insurance company denied paying for a doctors visit for Cowboy. It was only $68 but it's $68 that they need to pay. So I appealed the denial. We finally got the news today that it was overturned and the insurance company is paying....good for me. My husband was just going to pay it. Yeah for me again!

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