Monday, November 8, 2010

Grocery Store

Have you ever been in a grocery store, you have seen little kid throwing an absolute fit and their parent acting even worse. It makes me want to step in most of the time and break up the situation for both the kids sake and the parent sake.

Tonight, I stopped by the grocery store and it must have been bring you kids grocery shopping night. Lots of kids everywhere.

As I was approaching an isle, I heard a dad say, "I'm about ready to throw your toy away, then we wouldn't have all this drama." My first thought was, here we go again--another big scene where both lose control and it all turns out bad.

However, when I got to the end of the isle, I saw the dad standing face to face with his about 7 year old daughter. She had her hands resting on his and they were looking each other in the eye and he was saying to her, "I just want you to breathe". She was calming down and the drama was done. What a wonderful way to deal with a trying situation.

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