Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week in Review

Time to Recap the week:

Last Sunday: Cowboy best buddy drove through town after deer hunting and ended up staying all night. Cowboy was pretty happy to see him. He lives in Tennessee and doesn't get to spend much time with him so it was good to have him around.

Monday: The state was in to audit our programs this week. It's a big deal and I remember when I first started that we did a lot of scrambling around to make sure everything is like it should be. We don't do that anymore but it's still stressful and not a fun process. They were her until Thursday. We ended up having to give $520. $0 from my program. Great audit for us, since most agencies our size gives back $3000 and our mental health side of the agency had to give back $6000.

Tuesday: pretty non-eventful day--more state auditing.

Wednesday: My friend came over to have a dress altered and I ended up ruining the dress. I was ironing the part that I fixed and the iron melted a hole. I felt so horrible. I ran to the fabric store to find some matching fabric with no luck. But I came up with a plan.

Thursday: My quest continued to find fabric. No luck so I presented my options to my friend. I hope she continues to be my friend. I also decided that I wasn't working on Friday. My little celebration for a great audit.

Friday: We decided to play it by ear. Stayed in bed until 9:30. Went to the gym. Came home and Cowboy's friend returned. They went out and shot pool for a couple of hours. They came home a little tipsy. Cowboy managed to grill steaks and we had a yummy dinner.

Saturday: I found a great tee time, at a great course for a great price. We headed out to play the last round of the year. Cowboy and I had a couple play in with us and it turns out the the guy that joined us was the little brother of a friend of mine 20+ years ago. (I had such a huge crush on his older brother). Small world. I parred the last hold to win dinner. It was a fun day.

Sunday: (not here yet) We are planning on going over to Cowboy's son's house and taking a BIG thanksgiving dinner over there.

These three days off have been very good for me. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and time down on the farm.

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