Friday, November 5, 2010

Sadie got bit

My poor sadie got bit. We have a fence across the street from us that is old and rickety. I know there are two dogs that stay in that back yard. Every time I walk Sadie past this fence, the two dogs bark and then will sometimes get in a fight or some kind of skirmish. Last week, they got out and Cowboy and a neighbor semi patched the fence.

Well the dogs busted through the fence again today and came after Sadie. Cowboy was outside but didn't see it happen and Sadie ran into the garage. But one of them, bit Sadie on the front shoulder. She was bleeding a lot.

Cowboy cleaned her up and took the bloody towel over to the dog owners house. He said he 'didn't chew his ass' much but firmly let him know he needed to fix his fence and not let he dogs bust through the fence. Cowboy then helped him find his dogs and get them back home.

He has pampered Sadie all evening. My poor baby girl. She is not a fighter. She's a lover.

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