Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week In Review, take 2

It's been a busy week and no blogging was done. So just like last week, here's a recap.

Sunday: Dinner with the son and daughter-in-law was good. Everything turned out good and the boys ate a ton. I tried making an apple pie for the first time ever and it turned out yummy. We spent most of the day there. It was good.

Monday: My boss finally finalized my evaluation and it was very good. My hard work was noticed and I even got an unusual bonus. It was big and nice and I was thrilled.

Tuesday: nothing exciting happened.

Wednesday: I earned every bit of my bonus and more. Work was frustrating and I was only there until 12:30pm. I rushed over to my friends house and to decorate for her wedding. Then it was off to home to pack and back for the wedding. The wedding was very nice and they were surrounded by their family and friends without lots of big to-do. I drove home and Cowboy stayed behind.

Thursday: Cowboy came to the farm and I cooked the big Thanksgiving meal for the whole family. The family was there and we had a great day. I love spending time with all the siblings and my mom and dad. I am very fortunate to have the loving family that I have.

Friday and Saturday: Both days were very trying for me. My mom isn't getting around very well. We spent most of the day in the house doing nothing and I mean, nothing. Friday night we did go eat Mexican and Saturday we did venture to town to buy cornbread. I love my parents dearly and it's hard to watch them age and not be able to get around very well. Dad is having knee replacement surgery in Jan. Mom is just struggling to walk and get around well. She's almost stopped driving all together and doesn't have much energy. I know the were thrilled to have us home.

Sunday: Cowboy and I left the farm early. He had a large load of wood on his new trailer. I got home to do laundry and then worked in the yard for about 3 hours. Cowboy unloaded wood and then we went to the store and bought a new TV. Yeah, we had talked about getting one for a long time and have looked and looked. It was our Christmas present to each other. I got it all set up and it's awesome.

On another note, I'm wedding ringless. We have a neighbor who is a jeweler and he is making a band of diamond to go with with ring. He is using diamonds from a ring that I inherited from my grandmother. I'm so excited. He said it should be done this week.

In a week that we think about all that we are thankful for, I must say that I am thankful for my wonderful family, all my great friends, my amazing husband, my loving dog and all the blessings that I have been given in my life.

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