Friday, March 9, 2012


Although, I'm incredibly sad about Sadie.  This little one, who's not quite so little anymore has stolen another part of my heart.  Chloe has been so fun to be around.  I can't believe we have had her a year now.  She so full of energy and is very hyper. I can tell when she is tired, the energy level goes way up.  She is starting to have manners and is listening well.  She loves to chase squirrels and rabbits and I swear she will catch one some day. She is a jumper and has even jumped high enough to leave a scratch on my nose.  I want her to snuggle with me in the evenings but she is to busy for that.  I holding out hope that she will someday become my snuggle baby again.

 Chloe and the Cowboy have a love/hate relationship.  He is definitely the pack leader and makes her mind more then I do.  He has had to work on his patience with her but it is getting better as she is getting older.  Chloe and Sadie have never really bonded, probably the age difference, but they have grown to tolerate each other--or Sadie tolerates Chloe, I should say.

I am awfully glad we brought this one home.  We have recently started going to the dog park and Chloe loves it.  She will be my swimmer and loves the water and all the other dogs.

Cowboy contacted the guy we got her from, inquiring if he still had any of her litter mates around.  He's crazy if he thinks Chloe needs a playmate now.  Lord help me......

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