Monday, March 19, 2012

Latest Farm Finds

One of our favorite things to do on the farm is to scavage for treasures that have been sitting around forever.  About a month ago, my brother and I went looking again.  It's amazing how many things you have looked at and then suddenly see in a new way or potential new way.  I found this hay pulley.  It was caked with loads of dust and dirt and even a wasp nest.  Here it is all cleaned up.

 Another barn revealed the metal cow tags that have been used to tags cows.  Cows are tagged in their ears to keep track of them and their calves.  I'm sure these were once in some cows ear.
I knew that I wanted to put the pulley in my kitchen so I found some canning jars.
I twisted wire around the jars and added the tags with some hemp twine.  Then I added a handle made out of the wire.
I then put wire around the pulley and hung the jars from the pulley.  Cowboy hung it in the kitchen over my kitchen sink.  I'm planning on putting flowers in the jars this summer.

 I'm loving it.  I love having parts of the farm in my house.

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