Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Farm finds and some...

Another treasure we found on the farm came off of an old cabinet that at sometime in it's history was moved out to the barn and used to store oil and other such stuff.  It had clearly been painted several times, the last time with an awful green color.  I saw treasure but my sister-in-law saw junk and it took a little convincing that I could turn it into something beautiful.  We decided that these doors would go into the cabin that my brother and family are re-habbing.

 This door was a true mess.  Half of it was laying on the dirt floor and the hinge part was still attached.

With a little hard work and lots of time cleaning out each punch hole.  Here is the results.  I'm loving the look.

I also had an old cabinet that would be useful in the new bathroom.  This cabinet was in a closet, so I dug it out.
 I drilled the same pattern from the door onto the front of the cabinet and spray painted it with a metal paint. Then painted the rest of the cabinet.
 Here's the final outcome of the project.  I think it tuned out great and I'm going to have to visit the cabin often to see my labor of love.


Philip said...

MJ, good morning! How's the re-habbing going? I'm hoping for a blog update soon, and that you didn't lose interest in keeping up the blog! I work with a major Western Wear retailer, and I wanted to discuss some collaboration options with you and the company. Shoot me an email when you get this...philiplocation3@yahoo.com

Thanks! Hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I miss your posts! Hope you are doing well, dee from Houston, TX