Saturday, August 21, 2010

1994 to now

In 1994, I had just graduated from my grad school. With my master's degree in hand, I went searching for a new job. I had two interviews, on with the Sex Offender treatment program in Lansing Maximum Prison and the other with a drug and alcohol treatment program in KC. I accepted the position in Lansing and then went to interview at NorthStar. For some reason, the job at NorthStar seemed like a better fit. I had worked with sex offenders in the past and lost my job because a new company took over and the contract was going up for rebid again--so I was hesitant to take the position again and lose my job all over again.

I ended my job and took off two weeks to vacation with my friend and then with my family. It was a great two weeks.

I then went to work at NorthStar and haven't left. My career there has been awesome. I have a job that I love and I'm doing something that I love on a daily basis. But I haven't ever taken a two week vacation since 1994. Even when I got married, I was only off for 8 days.

I told my boss this year, that I was going to take two weeks after our accreditation visit. That is done and over. Friday was my last work day until September 8th. I will be off a whole 17 days. No wearing a watch. No getting up early unless I want to. No place to be. No decisions to make.

This will be my time to rest. Relax. Take care of me. I am so excited.

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Lynilu said...

Nice. Enjoy and relax. :)