Monday, August 30, 2010

Vacation Update

So I've been on vacation for a week now and loving every minute of it. Here's a recap of my week:

Tuesday: I scheduled a facial. There is a teaching academy across the street from my home and they had a cancellation. I was off to get my facial for $25 and an hour of relaxation. Except my wonderful husband keep calling me and texting me. Then it was off to get my hair done. It's been over a year since I've had a hair cut. Three inches cut off and highlighted with caramel and auburn. She also straightened my hair. Cowboy asked what I did to my hair. He said in needed curls. I was able to finish painting my basement floor in the afternoon.

Wednesday: We got up and scraped the windows outside. Then my brother brought the kids up. The boys went out for a golf outing and I took the girl. Little Miss and I went out for chips and salsa, her favorite. We then went shopping and she did well for herself. I thought Cowboy was a talker until I spent the day with her. My ears were almost tired at the end of the day. We all then went out for dinner at Stroud's. Yummy fried chicken.

Thursday: It was up early to go play golf. The course was nice but the play wasn't so great. It was a beautiful day. Home to take a nap and then we spent the evening painting the windows and garage doors. It was fun working on the project with my hubby.

Friday: Cowboy got up early with me and we walked Sadie around the neighborhood. I went out to lunch with some friends while Cowboy pillaged all the apples from a tree in the neighborhood. The house where the tree resides is vacant and we didn't want the apples to go to waste. We played golf with the son and DIL at one of the nicest courses in KC. Cowboy and I both played awesome. I had the most beautiful drives all day long. The scorecard went up on the refrigerator. We all went to out to dinner afterwards. It was a great day.

Saturday: We slept in and then hit the gym. I started peeling apple and making applesauce. It was a big undertaking. We made enough to freeze 12 quarts for this winter. Cowboy then got the motorcycle out and he took me to dinner at the Salty Iguana. Yummy Mexican food.

Sunday: We had a tee time at 11a at a little country course. As nice as the course was on Friday, this course was just the opposite. About on the 9th hole, we had a little tiff and didn't speak again until about the 15th hole. My boy runs his mouth a little to much sometimes. Then it was home to finish the apples. I bagged 10 quart bags for cobbler this winter. I also made one really good cobbler for dessert.

Today: Just the gym. I did a little work from home. But napped a lot.

I'm really enjoying my time off from work. I'm also looking forward to heading to Florida on Wednesday.


Lynilu said...

Would you please box up some of that Stroud's chicken, some gravy, some livers and gizzards, on some dry ice and ship it to me. Please? PLEASE!!

Dawn said...

Interesting info! I enjoy reading these types of posts.