Sunday, August 1, 2010

A NO Golf weekend

This weekend golf was not on the agenda. I can't say that I was to sad. I had my fill of golf last weekend so a break was in the cards.

This weekend we went to a family reunion for Cowboy. It was for his adopted mom's family. We have gone for the past several years so it feels like family now. Cowboy's best friend, WD, and his family made it back from Tennessee. It was good that Cowboy got to spend some time with him. It has been a year since he has seen him.

On the way down, we stopped to see Ross and Betty. They lived across the street from Cowboy when he lived down in that part of the country. It was good to see them for couple of hours. Ross had a stroke a year ago and now has to use a walker. He's 90 and looks great. He's frustrated that he's not like he was but he looks great.

We ended up staying the whole day, even going out to eat with WD and his family. Thank goodness we have a wonderful neighbor that let Sadie out a couple of times for us.

WD's wife and I were talking a dinner and I commented that Cowboy has OCD but can't ever remember what it's called. I got his attention across the table and asked what he had. "ADT" his reply. Gotta love my home alarm guy.

Today, the OCD Cowboy detailed my SUV. It looks great. For all the challenges he gives me, I can proudly drive around in a super clean vehicle.

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Lynilu said...

I need ADT to detail my truck for me!!!