Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Questions

Random questons that just rattle in my brain....

Do you ever wonder what it would be like not to have those pesky judgemental thoughts run through your brain?

Do you wonder if you really prayed, I mean really prayed, to win a million dollars, you would?

Do you wonder if you are really living the life you were supposed to live, or if at some point or twist, you were mixed up with the really happy chick that has lots of money and a perfect life?

Do you ever wonder if you hadn't met your husband (or partner) if you would have found someone better or worse than you got?

Do you ever wonder if you have bad karma for something you didn't intentionally do?

Do you ever wonder if you could pull of being complete slug and just live off other people?



Lynilu said...

Well, yeah, except that I think all things happen just as they are supposed to, and that it all makes sense sometime. Maybe not in this life. I'm still wondering about the sense of some of my choices, blunderings. I'll say one thing .... I appreciate my current life a lot, given things that I had to live through earlier in my journey.

MJ said...

I don't think I'd win a million dollars.

I know that I couldn't find anyone better than the man I'm married to, because I was engaged 3 times before, and it always felt a little fake. I couldn't truly be myself, and honestly, I wonder if they were able to truly be themselves with me.