Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tire Changing Story

Remember how I told you that we stopped and changed a lady's tire on our way home from our family Christmas dinner and there was a story that went with it. Well, I wanted to let you on it before I forgot it.

So as we were driving home, we see a car stopped at an intersection with a person getting ready to change a tire. We weren't sure if it was a guy or woman so we drove on past. It was a she, so Cowboy backed up and I asked her if she needed help. She did. She couldn't find the jack so Cowboy bundled up and I sat in the truck while he got out and helped her.

This is how the conversation went:

Cowboy: "We weren't sure if we should stop or not, you never know what kind of person you are stopping to help."

Lady: "Well, I appreciate you stopping to help me."

Cowboy: "To make sure we are safe, I had my wife stay in the car with a 45mm ready in case this didn't turn out well."
(okay, so he was only kidding at this point. We don't carry a gun.)

Lady: "I know what you mean. I have my conceal and carry license and carry my gun in the car. It has a laser on it so all I have to do is point and shoot. I just put the red dot on them and pull the trigger."

Seriously--what was he thinking and what are we doing here. Cowboy said she was a traveling RN and used the gun for safety. How does he have these conversations?

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