Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sick and Tired...really

I have been on the go for the past week. I can't believe that I haven't been to my blog in a while. So here's my recap. I don't really recall last week. I was working a lot a usual. I went to a great jewelry party and bought some great Christmas presents for my mom, best friend and daughter-in-law (however, I don't say those words out loud).

I had a neat work experience on Thursday. We received a generous donation that went towards the women living in transitional living. They got to spend $100 on each of their kids for Christmas. They were very excited and grateful. It was a very neat experience to be a part of.

Friday night, I made 5 dozen sugar cookies...stockings, gingerbread men and balls. However, I only had green frosting so they all look the same. Green frosting with little beads on them.

Saturday morning, I woke up feeling like total shit. I hadn't taken my allergy medicine for a couple of days. I didn't want to fill my script because it cost $50. I just figured since we had a hard freeze and weren't in the moldy building so I should be fine. Wrong. I've been paying for it ever since. I got my script filled that day. Guess what, it was only $10. They came out with a generic for the medication. I haven't been sleeping well and I'm congested with a cough. I'm tired and cranky. Oh lucky me and those around me.

Saturday night, we went to Cowboy's son's house for dinner. It was a very nice Christmas dinner complete with good china and great food.

Sunday, we made a trip to the farm for a big family dinner with all the cousins. It was good to see most of them. (a few were gone) I didn't feel well most of the day but made it. On the way home, Cowboy changed a tire for some lady that would have had to wait 2 hours for road side assistance. (I'll tell the story of their conversations sometime)

Monday, work all day on the go most of it. Then shopping. Home to package 30 packages of deer meet all while trying to shoot Cowboy with the same gun he used to shoot the deer. I'm not sure if he's grumpy or it's that I don't feel well, but he is on everyone of my nerves that don't feel well. Watch out buddy.

I then made three personalized pillows that turned out adorable for my girls in Florida. I'll post a picture, they are really cute. Then to bed at 10:30p. I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up thinking I was drowning in my own snot, congestion, etc. I was up early and off to work early.

Tonight was more shopping and then home to wrap lots and lots of presents. I'm not done with shopping yet. I haven't gotten my little crafty things done for people.

I guess I can only do what I can do.

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Monogram Queen said...

Yes you CAN only do so much, I hope you feel better. It's miserable to be sick anytime but especially around the holidays when there is so much to do!
Cowboy is a Good Sam!