Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am Tired

I am one tired girl. The garage sale was a lot of work and was pretty slow most of the time. We had the sale again today. Towards the end, we just started setting things out by the curb and a family that bought about $5 worth of stuff kept loading up the free stuff. So our goal was met, we got rid of stuff and made a little money. I was really hot, tired and sweaty.

I started planting my flower pots when I was done. I ran out of potting soil so I was only able to get half of them planted. So the project will continue tomorrow night. Our yard is almost ready for the summer.

Cowboy took me out for dinner tonight. We love the Texas Roadhouse and have a little favorite waitress there. She was behind the bar tonight so she didn't get to serve us. Cowboy told our little waitress that if she didn't give us good service, her tip was going to Chloe. We got good service. Cowboy said that if he could take two girls home to raise, one would be Chloe and the other would be Taylor Swift. He is a dirty old man. The food was awesome and my tummy is full. I'm sure that I will sleep well tonight.

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Lynilu said...

It's good that it is done. I had to chuckle at your comment "a little favorite waitress." Why do we always say "little"? For some reason, that just tickled me.