Thursday, May 21, 2009

I think we have a plan

I think there might be an end in sight.

My stress level has been extremely high for the past two weeks. I'm still doing double duty at work with a supervisor out on maternity leave and to my great joy she comes back on Tuesday. I am getting by at work but have lots of task that need to get done.

At home, Cowboy and I are so much better than earlier this week. We had a huge fight but it wasn't about us. It was about the situation we were dealt with and it's easiest to take it out on each other, unfortunately. We were able to talk it out and had great make up sex. (Okay, maybe TMI but it was good).

C has a plan. She is going to move to the small town where her mother lives, find a job there, rent a small house, buy a car from a friend of her moms and start living independently for the first time in her life. I think she will be leaving next week sometime. It's a really good plan for her and I hope it's the start of a whole new life for her.

Things are looking up.

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Caroline said...

Make up sex is the best. Sometimes I am even tempted to pick a fight so we can make up. :)

Glad that C has a plan and her plan sounds like a really good one. And I am really happy that you and Cowboy will have your house back.

I know you are happy about L coming back, but I don't think she shares your same joy.