Monday, May 18, 2009

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper, for the last two nights I haven't been able to sleep because of toilet paper. Weird, I know. Who can't sleep because of toilet paper. You might not be able to sleep either if toilet paper was a symbol for financial stress.

Let me get you there. Since we have had company living with us, we have gone through 5 rolls of Charmin Ultra in 6 days. How in the world can anyone one use that much toilet paper? It drives me crazy to come home and see a new roll on the holder. Seriously, how does that happen.

But the real issues for not being able to sleep, is that I'm totally freaked out about having two more mouths in the house to feed, etc. Cowboy is stressed. I'm stressed. Not a good combo. I'm actually not talking to him at this very moment because of a fight over toilet paper.

Crazy. Irrational. Real. Stressful.


Caroline said...

Toilet paper???

Are you still planning on going away next month for your honeymoon? I think some time with just the two of you would be really good.

Lynilu said...

About the toilet paper, remember .... sh*t happens! LOL! Sorry, but I hope that brought a smile and you didn't throw the computer out the window!

I agree with C. Getting away, just the 2 of you is a good thing. Meantime, don't let the little stuff rule your life!!!!

MJ said...

No plans yet but certainly planning on several golf outing this weekend.

Lynilu--that was funny. I more able to laugh today.

Jeff9 said...

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