Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quick Update

Cowboy's daughter and her baby moved in temporarily yesterday. She was with us two years ago and that didn't turn out so well so I'm not exactly thrilled with the situation this time. She was living with her boyfriend--FOB until yesterday when his mother showed up and told her that he didn't want her living there anymore and she was there to take her away. Of course she has no where to go, so she ended up here.

There was so much stress between Cowboy and I last time she lived her. I'm so afraid of that happening again and we're newly married--not a good way to start. I just felt like crying all the way home yesterday.

She has no car, no job, no money, no friends and her mom refuses to help out. Cowboy doesn't feel like he can let her live on the street which I get but really. We did this last time--6 months of lying, deceit, irresponsibility, etc. I just want to cry.


Lynilu said...

Sorry to hear that. Well, hide the family riches and buy earplugs. It is very hard to do this .... been there, done that, never again.

Caroline said...

Maybe this time will be different since she has a baby now. I really hope it is.

I would have her get hooked up with food stamps and TANF. Every little bit is going to help.


Caroline said...

P.S. And since she is no longer living with the FOB he needs to start paying child support.

Anonymous said...

I'm just a phone call away, call when you need to vent. I know this is hard on you.
love you, Kim