Thursday, May 28, 2009

Surprise, I played Golf

Well, surprise, surprise, today was a golf day. Last night, my little brother, who turns 40 tomorrow, and his family arrived just in time for dinner. Cowboy did a great job of having everything cooked and ready for us to sit down and eat. We most definitely had a house full. Eight is enough, that is for sure.

The family was in town for a doctor's appointment. Little Miss had a growth hormone test today. They were testing to see if she is producing any growth hormones. They won't find out the results for a couple of days. If she is not producing any hormones for growth, she will have to have six shots a week until she is 16 at great expense that most insurance companies don't want to pay for. I'm saying lots of prayers for her.

As a birthday present for my little bro, I bought him a round of golf. So Cowboy, Rob, Boo and I headed out to the golf course. (I worked 1/2 day and am off tomorrow.) Golf was not good but was fun being with my bro and nephew.

Boo got an invitation to play in a golf tournament next week. He's 13 and was one of 65 kids to get an invitation to play in a three day tournament. I'm very proud of him. He is an awesome athlete and even better, a terrific person.

My brother and his wife have done an amazing job of raising two great children. They have a lot to be proud of.

Cowboy lost control and is finally simmered down. He was really distracted the last 9 holes on the golf course and then when we got home, Sadie had gotten into the trash and the house was a mess. It's taken him about 2 hours to calm down and Sadie finally got out of time out.

C is gone for the night. Watch out, from a house full to just us. Bliss.


kim said...

Glad you had a good day with the boys. Aren't we getting old? Little brother is 40....
Have a great day!

Lynilu said...

Sounds like a good day. Could Sadie be acting out because she has been neglected lately??