Monday, May 4, 2009

My Weekend

We have had tons of rain over the past several days. There are areas of the state with some serious flooding. With Cowboy gone, my brother asked me to go with them to Tulsa for my nieces' birthday. It meant that I would have to leave early Saturday morning. What I woundn't do for my niece. I left at 7, took Sadie to my parents and headed out. Here's a few pictures from around our hometown where the flooding is bad. It hasn't crept into the town yet.

I'm trying Caroline's trick and took pictures while I was driving.

I met the family and we drove on to Tulsa--4 hours from my home. We went to Incredible Bowl. It was fun. Bowling, putt-putt and lots of arcade games along with pizza and other buffet goodies.

I think that Little Miss was pretty happy. The big 11 years old. I think she had a great time. At one point when we were bowling, Little Miss turned to her mom and asked her if she had paper and a pen. When her mom asked why, Little Miss said, "I thought you would want to take notes." Funny little girl.

Sunday, mom, dad and I went out for lunch. Mom and I went to order my wedding album and then on to the big birthday party. What a spoiled girl. She was so excited on her big day. Good for her! Happy Birthday, sweetie.

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Lynilu said...

Wait. I'm not understanding this. The family drove to Tulsa for the birthday party, but the birthday girl doe to drive!! But it sounds fun.