Sunday, July 5, 2009

Siamese Twins

We have Siamese twins at our house. The first appeared in the flower garden with the Gerber daisies and then the yellow squash appeared. What next?

We have had a busy weekend. Thursday night started with a motorcycle ride to a Mexican restaurant for dinner with the son and his wife. The food was yummy and I will certainly go back.

Friday morning was up early to our favorite breakfast stop and then to the House of Rock for some gravel to put down in our pathways around our stone steps. It looks so awesome. It was the finishing touch for the walkways.

I need to get busy and finish a few of the flower beds. I have to go out and admire it several times a day.

Friday afternoon, we headed out to Columbia, MO for birthday party of a friend. She turned 40 and we just took the drive. We didn't know anyone but it was kinda fun and the food was awesome. We were home late.

Saturday morning was up early and to the farmer market. We bought some fresh produce for Cowboy's old neighbors. They are getting older and don't have much of a garden so we took them a huge basket of goodies. I made a yummy upside down blueberry cake and we were off to Emporia, KS. We visited the old neighbors for a couple of hours and then it was off to Cowboy's cousins for a cookout. I met several of his family members for the first time. It was a very casual BBQ with some amazing food. That was the most members of Cowboy's family that I have ever met, which was also very nice.

This morning was up to take poor Sadie for a walk. Then off to play golf. I had four pars and two birdies and play pretty well the rest of the holes. It was a good day. Then we were off to Cowboy's sons for dinner. BBQ ribs, baked beans and salad. This was a weekend of good food!

I'm tired. I have a load of clothes to finish and then I think I'm off to bed.

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Caroline said...

Sounds like it was a good weekend...busy, but good.