Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yesterday was a seriously weird day. I left for work and had to go to our south office for a supervision meeting with staff there.

Then back to my office, where I couldn't find my keys. Drives me crazy when I can't find my keys.

I had a meeting there where this guy that I work with was seriously annoying. He thinks that he is right about everything and I try very hard to be kind but I seriously want to slap the shit out of him.

Then off to lunch where my husband met me and a few co-workers. We went to Caroline's favorite BBQ joint and after one bite of my food and cock roach appears on my plate. OMG! I don't normally freak out about that kind of stuff but OMG. The manager was very good about it and got me something different to eat and then took care of the tab for the whole table.

Then off to paint some furniture for work where it was hot and humid.

Then off to a meeting with my boss where I got lost on the way to his office. Seriously, I have driven that way many times but somehow, I got lost and was late for this meeting. We are taking over another company and it means lots of work for me in the next couple of weeks.

Then dinner with Cowboy and his son and daughter in law. Dinner was a little strained because the son has a few current issues going on,

It really isn't a day that I would choose to repeat. Glad it's done and over with.


Caroline said...

You found a cockroach on your lunch plate?????????? I think I would have thrown up. You are very brave for trying another meal there. I went to Famous Daves a few months ago (in Manhattan) and yes it's good, but I think I am over my love affair with it.

I am interested in knowing what company you guys are taking over. Sounds like it is really keeping you busy.

Lynilu said...

I found a cockroach while eating at Dixon Chili years ago, and I usually think of myself as pretty strong, but I came unglued! I wasn't on my plate, but it was in the dish of chopped onions that I'd been eating from. Gag!