Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Girl Time

Cowboy got home late last night with the Miata. It is soooo awesome. He is a car neat freak! I couldn't drive it to work today because he had to buff, polish and shine it. It was cleaner than 95% of the cars on the road. Oh no, it needs to be cleaner than 99% of the cars on the road. I did drive it around the block early this morning and across town when I got home. YIPEEEEEE

One small issue, I rolled the window down and it won't go back up...sure don't what to hear about it from Cowboy. He'll ask what I did to it, as if somehow I wanted to cause a problem on the first day I owned the car......MEN!

Cowboy left town so Sadie and I are on our own. So time for a little girl talk. A friend said I was so lucky. I've heard that several times recently. I don't think I'm lucky, just very fortunate. I was telling her about a collage I make every year at my friend, Dr.T, house that is about setting your intentions. The thought being if you can set your intention, it will happen. Here are my intentions for 2008.

I started looking at it and several things have already happened on it. I have an treadmill (pic by the blueberries), new golf clubs (bottom rt corner), new camera (by dog). The "time for giggles" is about really connecting and having fun with Cowboy--we are at such a good spot that everyday feels like that with him. I've been skiing this year. Just need the big honkin' ring that is smack dab in the center! Cowboy doesn't take hints well.


Caroline said...

I love your vision board!! I am going to go out and get a poster board this weekend and work on my vision board. Even though the year is half over, there is still a lot of time left.

Enjoy your alone time with Sadie.

Lynilu said...

That's a good idea, the vision board. I don't do things like that these days, but when I was working, I used several techniques to keep me focused on goals. My staff hated that I required them to evaluate their year and set new goals for the upcoming year. Small price for realizing your own progress!

Have fun with your girl time. Time without the man in your life is often a good thing, time for yourself. :)

Patti said...

I love your vision board also.Um, smack him upside the head with it LOL