Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Picture this--wranglers, well used straw cowboy hat, and a western shirt with the sleeves cut out of it, that's how my boy left the house this morning. Nothing like looking the part of a cowboy. I love him for his ability to be unique.

So yesterday morning, he woke up with a cramp in his leg. Tonight after he has grilled supper of a pork chop, deer steak, along with asparagus and beer bread, we were talking... the conversation went something like this.

"You know where I got that cramp yesterday morning"
"It sure was sore today. I think the cramp bruised my leg"
"really, that bad"
"I guess that's the price I have to pay for being such as stud!"
(Choke, laugh, choke)

Are you serious? He is a stud but really?? That's why I love him.


Caroline said...

That Cowboy of yours...he truly is unique and oh so funny.

Patti said...

Who couldn't love a stud? LOL