Thursday, April 24, 2008

Motorcycle or Miata??

Cowboy feeds the birds in the winter and this is what we get...the squirrel that climbs our porch post to get the bird feed.

Sadie and I got a nice surprise tonight. Cowboy decided to go on our walk with us. What a cute little family we are. Our neighborhood goes in a circle--2 loops equal one mile, next week Sadie and I will be doing 3 loops and work up to ??? Cowboy says we need to do 10 loops.

We spent the rest of the night debating if we should by a used Mazda Miata or a motorcycle. The Miata will carry two golf bags, won't quite work on the motorcycle. We actually bid on a Miata on e-bay but it got a little to much for us. He says if we get a Miata, he won't need a motorcycle. My guess....we'll end up with both.


Anonymous said...

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Caroline said...

You are officially a blogger since you have received your first "spam" comment. :)

I love your picture of the squirrel. Growing up my Dad taught me to love squirrels and we even had a few that we would eat out of hands. To this day every time I see a squirrel I think of my Dad.

I agree with guys will probably end up getting both a motorcycle and miata. Do you know how to drive a motorcycle? I would probably kill myself if I tried to drive one.

Patti said...

Miata. I used to want one of those SO bad when I was younger!
Motorcycles scare me.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

If he is like most men, he will get both LOL I love the pictures you have put up on your blog. You dog is beautiful :)

Tulla said...

You write very well.