Monday, April 28, 2008

Nature and Nurture

Yesterday was my day for nature. Sadie and I went exploring. Apparently, we live very close to one of the bike/walking trails in our neighborhoods. I took Sadie and we went for a 3 mile trek on the trail. It was awesome and I think this summer we will spend lots of time walking on the trail. Sadie was in heaven and told me thank you many time. She was exhausted when she got home and so was the girl on the other end of the leash. Our hill into the subdivision is a killer. Straight up...gotta love nature.

Cowboy and I then went to play golf. He told me before we went that I was his "best golf buddy"...(aaahhh). (Excuse me for a minute...coming up, a little golf speak) So we are out on the course on the 8th hole and I hit a beautiful tee shot, long down the fairway, probably one of my best drives of the day. Even out drove Cowboy. As we are waiting to hit the next shot, a beautiful deer walks across the fairway in front of us. She stops to look around and casually walks on. I step up for the next shot and dink...10 much for watching the deer. Go on scat. Next shot, dink...20 yards...who likes this game and nature??? Next shot, finally beautiful coming off the club and thwack...who the hell planted a big ******* tree in the middle of the fairway... nature, deer, golf--don't mix. Don't play!

Tonight was time for a little nurturing. The grandbaby came over for a visit. Cowboy... aka..Papa was just a proud as he could be and held him for a long time and then it was my turn. He is the sweetest little thing. Hated to see him leave. It was a great visit.

Nature, nurture...I'll take them both.


Caroline said...

Sophie and I will have to come and walk that trail with you sometime. It will be nice to walk with Sophie and not use so much energy keeping her away from the trash dumpsters.

Patti said...

Yes you & Sadie and Caroline & Sophie need to become walking buddies.
I used to caddy for my Dad for years as a kid. I know more about golf than I ever want to! LOL