Sunday, April 20, 2008

Missing the Cowboy

I left on Friday for a little "girls" weekend with some encouragement from the Cowboy. Not sure if he wanted a break from me or if he was feeling a little guilty about the big "boys" weekend that is coming up...I really think it's was because he is fully aware that even though we make a great team, it's important that we spend some time apart. Doesn't the saying go, absence makes the heart grow fonder. This saying is truly proven by the fact that the only name on my cell phone call log for two pages is Cowboy. (Okay, so I called him as much as he called me.)

I really swore that when the "one" finally came into my life that I wasn't going to be the type of woman that always had to check in or call to say mushy things..but there I was, last night in front of my girl friends, saying "I love you", "I miss you", and blowing a kiss thru the phone. I know, I know, really I'm not 12 but sometimes I feel that way because of him.

I was good getting home. He had the house all cleaned up and a really nice supper planned. We hung out in the yard working on projects. I took a few pics and will post them tomorrow of a "trash to treasures" project we completed. Of course, I would say I completed but when it came to the spraypainting Cowboy asked me 15 times (I'm not lying) if I wanted him to show me how to paint. Not sure how I lived 40 years without him. In the end, he did the painting so it wasn't just my project.


Caroline said...

I am so glad you had a good weekend and I imagine the Cowboy (& Dog) were very happy to see you come home.

Isn't it amazing how love can change your life for the better when you least expect it and with someone totally unexpected.

Lynilu said...

Wow! A man who understands that it is good to have individual time!! Where did you find him? Does he have a (much) older brother?


Patti said...

Wow he might be related to my hubs. He's pretty good about that kind of stuff too :)