Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who couldn't love Sadie!

Sadie was my dog when Cowboy and I got together. He had never had an inside dog but has always had dogs. He had to leave behind his two dogs when he came to the city. Although it has taken some time, he has come to love her dearly. He doesn't like it when she slobbers on the floor after getting a drink. If she could use a towel to wipe her face, they would get along much better. He also doesn't like the fact that after spending the weekend with a friend of mine, she now thinks that every couch and bed is fair game. They have been duking it out on this for over a month now.

However, last night his true love came out for her. When it started to storm with loud thunder and lightening, she ran for comfort to his side of the bed. Next thing I know, he has gotten up and laid down of the floor with her, with his arm around her. He slept there until the storm was over. Just another sign of why I love this man.

This is our latest trash to treasures find. (sorry the pics are sideways--next thing to figure out). My grandma had a step stool like this in her kitchen and it was a favorite place to sit. We found it at a garage sale for $2.50--Cowboy didn't haggle on this one and agreed to purchase it. It turned out great and now sits in our kitchen. We LOVE it!


Caroline said...

Oh my gosh...after seeing that picture of Sadie I am going to have to come visit her. M&M lives 5minutes from you, so I may have to arrange to stop and see Ms. Sadie. And I love that story about Cowboy. So sweet.

I love that you found something that has such great memories from your childhood and you did a great job restoring it.

I plan on showing a picture of the piece of art you made for me. I am still so excited about it.

Caroline said...

No comment on her most recent behavior.

Lynilu said...

We had a stool like that, but with a back rest on it when I was a child. It was my chair at the table for a long time. Later, it came to live at my house and both my kids sat on it at our table, too!

Nice memory!

And your friend that ruined your dog? Incorregible. Total bad influence. Jus' sayin'.

Patti said...

Sadie's coloring is just GORGEOUS.

I love trash to treasures! I think my Grandma had a yellow one like that. I want a red one.