Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Guy...really???

Is Cowboy really a good guy?? Sometimes, I wonder.

I went out yesterday and bought a new Weight Watchers scale that not only tells me how overweight I am, but also tells me my %of body fat and % of h20 in my body. It is all apart of a plan to get into shape for the big 25th year reunion. I was shocked about what it had to tell me so I'm on a mission to lose 36 lbs before the class reunion is July.

I told Cowboy that today was the day. I'm getting serious (which was only confirmed by the three pairs of pants I tried on today and could get zipped with pliers) no more just talking about it. He came into the bathroom and asked to see how much I weighed. Every lady know how wrong that is....Hell, NO you can't see how much I weigh. I'll tell you it's less then he weighs but not by much. We were talking about how serious I was really going to be about getting fit and losing weight when he came up with the all time good one.....

"Maybe I'll just tell you, you lose the weight so I can carry you over the threshold, and I'll marry you"-- Not exactly the right thing to say...we laughed only because I knew for sure he couldn't have seriously said that. Could he???


Caroline said...

You are so brave. I have a very basic scale that just tells you how much I weight and I still hate it. So for you to have a scale that says how much you weight, % of body fat and how much water shows how serious you are about getting fit. Even though your scale scares the crap out of me, I would love to come and see what it has to say about me. I think.

Patti said...

Yes he could mean it!

I hate a scale. They are my mortal enemy! Best of luck to you!

Eve said...

Men always put their mouth in drive before they put their mind in gear. I just ignore mine after all these years.