Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quiet night at home...

Sadie is always building her "nest" before she settles in for the night. I've been walking her every night for her and even more so for me---I'm working on that 3 lb loss for the week. Tonight, she kept waiting for me to take her, silly girl, she hates water and I have to shove her out of the house on rainy days. I finally open the door for her to see it was pouring buckets...she was fine with not walking. I, on the other hand, still have those extra 36 lbs still on my body so on the treadmill I went. I've tried to get her to join me on the treadmill, but she can't seem to grasp the concept...goofy girl.

Cowboy met a buddy for cheap beer night. Good for him but not so good for me. His boy time means that I get the pleasant aroma of Guiness Gas all night long. Aren't you jealous of me??? He did come home to find me on the treadmill. I just commented I was working on getting married. His comment, "To whom?" How quickly you can forget your comments. You said it buddy, I may hold you to it.

He was a good man and fixed me a really healthy dinner with steamed veggies and rice. He is an awesome cook. Again I have an extra 36 lbs to prove it...wait maybe 33 lbs if I keep on the treadmill.

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Caroline said...

If you keep putting up these adorable pictures of Sadie you are going to find me on your doorstep coming to visit her.

Keep up the great work with exercising. Sophie and I missed out on our long walk tonight because of the rain. Good for you for not letting the rain get in your way of working out tonight.

I want to lose about 50lbs myself, so I think we should really work on this together.