Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's I love

Here's to the father's I love. My dad who is an rock. He is steady and stable. You know where he comes from and his vision is clear. He was an awesome provider. As he ages, he gets softer and more loving. He gets along great with my husband and that is so important to me.

Thank you Dad for everything that you have taught me. You have given me strength, courage, an amazing work ethic, and the courage to do what ever I think I can.

Here's a cheer for my brother. He is thoughtful, kind, loving and very caring. He has become an amazing father. I admire how he has raised his children. He is actively involved in every aspect of thier lives and has guided them to become children that any parent would love to have.

Finally, to the man who holds my heart. He is a very loving father with the biggest heart in the world. I would love for him to be the father of my children. He amazes me daily with his kindness towards children.
To all the important fathers in my life and yours...Happy Father's day.


kim said...

That brought tears to my eyes.
We do have a wonderful dad and a great brother. They are the 2 men in my life that have not let me down. Thanks for saying what I was thinking.
As for your guy, he is one of the best I know and I am proud that he is my "brother".

Lynilu said...

That's sweet, all around.