Sunday, June 14, 2009

A weekend on the go

We had a pretty busy weekend. We were laying in bed on Saturday morning and Cowboy turned to me and said, "I'm torn between waxing on my bike and helping the neighbors move." So we were up early and headed over to a neighbors house to help them move.

Bless our neighbors, they are moving 3 doors down and didn't have a single thing packed. I think their plan was to move without packing. Oh, what a mess. It really made me thankful when we moved 3.4 miles, we were packed, organized and ready to move. We helped for 3 hours before we had to come home.

We had a tee time Saturday afternoon at 1:30p. We got paired with a couple. It was nice to play with another woman. That doesn't happen often. It was fun. On our way home, we stopped at the phone store and got new phones. I got my new iphone and Cowboy got the basic $9.99 phone.

When we got home, Cowboy's friend was here to admire the new bike. I got to fix them both supper before I could play with my phone. Love it, love it.

Today, my mom and sister came to the big city for shopping, lunch, more shopping and then I had to kick my sisters ass on the golf course (wii golf course). We had fun playing for a couple of hours.

After they left, Cowboy and I took a little motorcycle ride. Then we came home and decided to get mulch for a few flower beds. He finally left to ride his bike with his son. I'm praying they come home in one piece. Please be safe, Cowboy!

I'm going to have to work to rest!


Lynilu said...

It was busy, but it sounds like most of it was fun. That's the kind of busy I like!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't make it for the shopping know how much I love shopping!!
Glad you had a good weekend.