Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Caved!

I walked into the house and it was a whopping 90 degrees. Cowboy said he was just sitting at his computer and sweat was dripping off his head. We always try to wait until it's bad before we start the AC but the humidity was too much for this chicky babe. Within two minutes of being in the house, my back was starting to drip with sweat, not to mention the nice trickle of water between my boobs.

Ring, Ring. "Babe, I'm just calling to tell you that I'm turning on the AC". His response, "I knew you would want to." Damn right, I'm not going to melt in my own house. So we programmed the thermostat to go up to 85 during the day and 79 in the evening and at night. I shut the house up and wouldn't you know, when Cowboy came home, he walked around the entire house making sure I got everyone closed. Oh the joy of living with a neat nik.

But at least for now, I'm chillin'.

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Caroline said...

You guys are crazy. I have had my air on since late April. But I have a feeling that my days of turning the air on in April will be over when S and I move in with each other. She does not have central air at her house (she will by next week) and it doesnt' bother her when it's 85 or 90 in her house. Me....once it gets about 75 the air comes on. Hopefully we will be able to find a compromise.