Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here's the scoop

I'm a little more rational tonight. So here's the scoop. Sunday morning I get up for the garage sale and hear the baby so I go in the bedroom to let C sleep and I get the baby. I have him until about 10:30 and when C gets up in time for his morning nap, no thanks, nothing. Then as I we finish up the garage sale, we have C go through the stuff to find things she might want for her new apartment (when she finally gets one) and again no help from her to bring the things in the house or for that fact, even a thank you.

I come in the house for a drink and she has boiled over water on the smooth cook top, which makes a total mess and to top it off, she used a metal spoon on our new pans and scraped the finish off. Deep breathe.

An hour later, I find her in the living room, with the baby in the playpen (where she has him 90% of his waking hours) sound asleep on the couch. For the next two hours.

Then last night she had two TV's on. And over the past two weeks, she had done less and less around the house.

You aren't working, not making any effort to get a job, laying around using the electricity that I'm paying for and not showing any appreciation for what we are doing for you. All contributed to a MAJOR FOUL MOOD.

Today, I get a call from Cowboy who tells me that he has just taken her to her mothers for a couple of days because she was tired of hearing him bitch. I say bitch on.

I really might feel differently if she was working and trying to better her situation and helping around the house.

Cowboy and I talked about it tonight and I am quite proud of him. He didn't fight or get defensive and really understood my feelings. MAJOR POINTS FOR HIM.

I am convinced that we will make it through this and C won't be in our house much longer.

I can hope!


Caroline said...

Enjoy your couple of days off from babysitting.

kim said...

You will make it through this!
Enjoy your quiet time and let go of your stress.
You will pass this test and be OK.