Friday, September 5, 2008

Cowboy's Day

Cowboy went with his son to bury Zoey today. They went to the farm and Cowboy said they found a very peaceful place below a big tree in the backyard of the grandparents place. Zoey was laid to rest on her bed. Cowboy said she looked very peaceful.

Cowboy's son has been having some issues recently. I'm glad that Cowboy was able to be with his son today and take part of the situation.

Wanted to let you all know about our conversation last night:

Me: You know how they talk about women always nagging.
Cowboy: yes
Me: I think you are starting to nag me.
Cowboy: Well, yes you are right. You need to be "straightened" out.
Me: What are you talking about?
Cowboy: you go to work everyday and boss everyone around. I want you to know that I am the boss around here.
Me: You are crazy.
Cowboy: I'm the boss around here and don't you forget it.

Isn't he a dandy.


Lynilu said...

It's only a mild illusion, not a major hallucination. I'd just let him run with it.


Caroline said...

Sounds like you need to get the same shirt that Susan is going to get for me:

She who must be obeyed.

Monogram Queen said...

Ooh I need a "She who must be obeyed" shirt!!!