Monday, September 8, 2008


Just a bit of background, Cowboy's daughter is 25. She is a bit of a mess. I love her dearly and only hope the best for her. Last March, she moved in with us for 6 months. Six long months. Six trying months. The six months that Cowboy and I argued more than ever before. She is charming and sweet but cunning and deceptive. She can be very responsible and does not take any responsibility. I really only want the best for her. Cowboy only wants the best for her.

The final straw last year was when she stole from me, even though I opened my house to her. She also left after getting pregnant. She's living with the FOB. Here's the frustrating thing. Cowboy really tries to help out when he can. A couple of months ago, he found a place to get her air conditioner fixed in her car. The deal was that he would put it on his credit card and they would pay him back in a week.

A week late, we invited them over to dinner. No call, no show. Hmmm.... A few days later, Cowboy got a hold of his girl and she said they didn't have the money so the didn't show. They did bring part of the money over later. Since that time, she hasn't returned any calls and has no contact with us. I hate that. I hate that for him.

He finally stopped by her home today and caught her at home. I have such a hard time not blurting out, why hasn't she called. Why can't she be honest with us about what is going on? Why do you keep helping her? And yet, I would do the same for her. I feel bad that, she treats him like that. I hate that she doesn't treat him better. He tries so hard. (Granted, they haven't always gotten along--both having a part of that). I wish that things would change for her and him. Maybe someday. Until that time, I'll keep my thoughts to myself.


Monogram Queen said...

Yes probably when it comes to his kids it would be best to vent on here and not say a word to him. I imagine it could be a potential HOT button. I hope she gets better.. especially with a baby coming and all.

Lynilu said...

It *is* hard, having been through that kind of thing with some of my "steps." I have to say this .... it is very hard to see them in need and hurting, and we want to rescue them. But the best plan ever is tough love. Only when they are forced into it, only when they (like chemical abusers) hit bottom, do they finally turn it around. but you already know that. I'd keep avenues of communication open as much as possible, but keep the pocket books clamped shut. Again, I know that is hard, but it has to be. :')

Anonymous said...

I know it's hard for you since you care so much about them both. And I'm sure it's really hard to keep your thoughts to yourself. :) If you need to vent, you know my number. Kim

Caroline said...

Sorry that you are going through a hard time right now with Cowboys daughter. I am sure you really miss seeing the baby. I hope things get better soon.