Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finishing Touches on the Bathroon

Cowboy commented that we needs something on our walls in the newly painted bathroom. I had some old hooks and door knobs from my grandma's house that I finally found a use for. We went to Home Depot to find some wood--$10.
Cowboy cut everything to my specifications. I watched him with a careful eye. I kept telling him that I could make the cuts but he insisted that he should do it. Should I remind you how picky he is.
I took over from there. I painted them black. Painted a design in the board with the same bathroom colored paint and then distressed it. I put the hooks on and Cowboy helped me put the door knobs on the board and help me hang them in the bathroom.

Ta-da. The final project. I love it and I think that it finishes off the bathroom.
So for as unproductive as yesterday was, today was equally as productive.

We also did a little shopping. Let me just say it was somewhat promising.


Lynilu said...

What a great idea!

What a beautiful finished project!

And how cool that you went "promising shopping"!!

Caroline said...

You are so creative!!!

Shopping???? Can't wait to hear all about it.

Monogram Queen said...

Yipeee! Visions of diamonds are dancing through my head!