Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have the biggest, poundiest, headache in the world. Most likely hormonal, could be stress. Who know...I just want it to go away!!!

So after coming home the last two days complaining about work, Cowboy has the nerve to say to me.."I hope you have more luck calling the dryer company than you have had the last two days calling the insurance man". You little f***er. I work my ass off all day...You have lots more time to make a few calls. I told you I woke up with a headache, way to make it way worse than it was.

We didn't talk all through breakfast and then he comes into the bathroom to kiss and be nice. He also called to make sure my day was going better.

I'm just going to have to kick his ass.


Caroline said...

Hope your headache feels better soon. Maybe you need to have a "Bring your Cowboy to work Day" so that he knows exactly how busy you are during the day.

Hang in's almost the weekend.

Monogram Queen said...

Headaches can be real bitches can't they?! I hope you are feeling better already.