Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Like Alone Time

It amazing how quickly you get into a routine. I lived by myself for over 20 years after college. I did everything myself and was not afraid to try anything. Cowboy and I have been living together for almost three years and I'm a little surprised by all the things that I have given up. I haven't taken out the trash for who knows how long. No picking up dog shit for me. I don't get to play with my awesome power tools anymore. ( I love my power drill, miter saw, etc.)

I also haven't gone to bed without doing the dishes for a couple of years. I haven't had an unmade bed in a long time. I haven't fixed breakfast on a week day for eons. And although these are small things, I'm surprised by how much I've given up. Life is so much better with Cowboy in it, but I'm enjoying my couple of days alone.

I am watching some crazy reality TV show. Wouldn't be doing that. No one to talk to. No one to fix supper for. I get the whole bed to myself. I'm kinda diggin' it. There is something to be said about living by yourself and having the confidence to know that you will be okay. However, the world is much sweeter with someone to share it with.


Lynilu said...

Wouldn't it be sweet to pick the best of both?

After my hub died I had to do so many things myself, learn so much, and it was grueling because it was all at once and had to be. Now I love many things about being alone, and the power tools? Awesome. But I miss having a person to lean on, talk to, share with, and even rag on.

Still, it will take a pretty special person for me to be willing to adjust again, to give up what I've come to call mine.

I think you're pretty lucky. :)

Monogram Queen said...

I agree the world is much better with someone to share it with but I do love my week-ends alone when Stacy and Maddie go to the MIL's! Just savor the best of both worlds sweetie!

redfrog27 said...

two words 3rd shift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

redfrog27 said...

for cowboy not you

Caroline said...

Glad you are enjoying your alone time. But I also know how happy you are now that he is home, right? :)