Sunday, November 23, 2008

He's a good man.

He's a good man. I suggested that we have a Thanksgiving dinner for his kids this year. He has been so good about coming to all my family's holiday functions and never complains. So I suggested the dinner. I wanted to give him something back. He was hesitant but then agreed to it saying "That might be okay". So I went forward with it.

A couple of weeks ago, she started calling his daughter. For whatever reason, she is not returning his calls at the present time. (Most likely because she owes him money.) It's really sad that she won't call. He loves her and wants the best for her and tries to help her out when he can and she repays him by not calling. So he called her for the past couple of weeks and let her know the time that dinner was to be served. No daughter at dinner.

I mentioned dinner to his daughter-in-law and she thought it was a great idea. His son and DIL were in for dinner. However, this morning at 7:30 his son called and they had to leave to go out of town. DIL's grandmother is dying and they didn't think she would live through the day and was asking to see them. Cowboy was not disappointed because he understands. No son and DIL for dinner.

Despite no biological family, we surrounded ourselves with other "family". His adopted mother came to town last night and was here for the feast. His buddy, Fish, was here. And at the last minute, his other buddy, Chuck, made it to town. Dinner was awesome. I guess that family shouldn't be defined as blood related. Cowboy never once acted disappointed or threatened to call it off. He did surround himself with those that are important to him. I'm so proud of him and my heart is full for him.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good day! It really is too bad the kids couldn't make it, but I'm glad the rest of his "family" was there.

Monogram Queen said...

It really is true that you do not have to be blood-related to be "family!". Cowboy is lucky to have you cos' your a darn good woman too MJ!

Caroline said...

I am sorry that Cowboy's kids were not able to make it, but it sounds like you guys had an awesome day with his other family members. You are so sweet for cooking that big dinner for his side of the family.

Lynilu said...

You can't make her call, but tell him to be consistent in calling from time to time, and I suspect she will eventually come around.